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15 Sorting Algorithms in 6 Minutes

App to clear .log files for data/log/

This is a solution to a persistent problem on my SII (running CM10.1)...low storage space error.
This handy app replaces the procedure in terminal emulator for clearing log files when low storage space warning appears. This error is due to an accumulation of around 1Gb of log files called "dumpstate_ril_RESET_BY_CP_SILENTRESET" or something like that.
This app can be set to automatically clear the logs directory on boot, among other nice features!

Home made jidanbing (鸡蛋饼)

I had seen this dish on some cooking shows, and in a few youtube videos, so I was happy to find it being sold in the mornings on the street infront of the restaurants near my hotel...good, quick, fairly healthy breakfast for 3-5 RMB!

I found a few recipes online, and have been making it a couple times a week at my place since my return.

Mix in a small bowl:

Two eggsTwo spoonfulls of flour (medium soup spoons)A dash of Baking powderA drip of oilA drip of soy sauce

Then add to the egg mix:

1 chopped green onion
Grill the mix like a pancake, flipping once when the edges are

After a couple of minutes, the egg cake is done. Spread a small amount of HoiSin Sauce on one half.
Add the 'filling'. A few leaves of lettuce...maybe some beansprouts. It seems that the filling can vary a bit。
Roll up and enjoy burrito style

Yamaha's electric motorcycles... For 2016?

How I study Chinese

This post is to summarise how I have been conducting my self-study in Chinese language. It's been about 2 years of off and on...some months I am more regular, and some more lazy. It seems I have reached HSK 2 more or less.

Here is a list of what's worked for me the best:

Rosetta Stone - I started out with Rosetta stone, switching between the pinyin and the character modes...learning some basic vocab, and getting a feel for the rhythm of sentences, and learning to parse the sounds. This quickly became difficult after level 2. I realised that although I could select the right image, I was not clear on what the grammar of the sentence was exactly. I still use Rosetta Stone for a change of pace from the other methods.

Skritter - This was excellent, and I paid for 3 or 4 months. I accumulated a list of a thousand characters or so, and even after stopping my subscription, I am able to return to my Skritter account and practice writi…

Drowning in Problems

From the maker of minecraft...with a buddhist twist?

Drowning in Problems