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Incredibox V3 - "Sunrise" - 2013 (Brand new version)

Kurt Vonnegut on the Shapes of Stories

Youtube...or G+ Video sharing?

Dear Youtube,

I know you want me to use my 'real name', but I don't want to link all my accounts together. I already have multiple G+ accounts, I don't want to create yet another for my youtube account. Inspite of your stupid metrics, profitablity, and internet takeover it not possible to allow a youtube user with a youtube account to comment on a youtube video?.

Thanks for your consideration, you lug.
You know who

Diary: Chinese session 1

Diary: Chinese session 1: Chinese words and associations The difference between ”kou3”(r30) & ”wei2”(r31) isn’t much visually except that one is bigger than...

Andreas M. Antonopoulos - L.A. Bitcoin Meetup - January 9, 2014

AIRTAME - Wireless HDMI for Everyone.

Wall Street Crypto: Crypto-Forex 101

Wall Street Crypto: Crypto-Forex 101: Crypto-Forex 101: A Magic School Bus Ride By the @CryptoForex Team For those of you just getting into crypto-forex,  you've come...

Samsung Galaxy SII with Cyanogenmod: 'Storage Space Low'

On my Galaxy SII I've been getting warnings about 'storage space low'. After trying to work through cleaning up apps, removing photos and movies, I wasn't making much headway. In system settings 'storage' there appears to be a large part of the internal memory free...but it is not recognised as free.  I am using Cyanogenmod, and found a forum post about a log file accumulation that eats memory in this way.

I followed these instructions with Terminal Emulator:
1. Get superuser access:
  su -
(and allow access when prompted).
2. Change current directory: (I had to search for the directory...which turned out to be something like /data/logs)
  cd /var/log
3. (optional) You can see how much space (in KB) is being used by log files with this command:
  du -k .
4. (optional) If you want to see the names of the log files:
5. Delete log files with
  rm *.log
6. End superuser session:
7. End terminal session:
  exit Now all is well, got my free GBs back!

HSK level 1 - Introductory Mandarin (with audio) - Memrise

Guide to the timelines in the movie Primer

Have you seen this excellent film? Had some questions about who was who and when who was who doing what? Here's a visualisation to help: Full Size Original

Jeremy Rifkin: The Empathic Civilization / Ross Institute Summer Academy...

In this amazing lecture J. Rifkin walks us through the development of human civilisation, from small tribes thousands of years ago, to the modern world...and along the way he points out technological and corresponding psychological transformations of society. The rub is that we are in a dire situation, due to global economic social structure, that threatens the survival of man imminently.

Is is too late to change? Are we just trying to adapt and react now? Can we preserve a few human lives on this planet if the ecosystem we depend on collapses?

Radiation Dose Chart


True facts about Ocean Radiation and the Fukushima Disaster | Deep Sea News

Three-Dimensional Mid-Air Acoustic Manipulation [Acoustic Levitation] (...