Samsung Galaxy SII with Cyanogenmod: 'Storage Space Low'

On my Galaxy SII I've been getting warnings about 'storage space low'. After trying to work through cleaning up apps, removing photos and movies, I wasn't making much headway. In system settings 'storage' there appears to be a large part of the internal memory free...but it is not recognised as free.  I am using Cyanogenmod, and found a forum post about a log file accumulation that eats memory in this way.

I followed these instructions with Terminal Emulator:
1. Get superuser access:
  su -
(and allow access when prompted).
2. Change current directory: (I had to search for the directory...which turned out to be something like /data/logs)
  cd /var/log
3. (optional) You can see how much space (in KB) is being used by log files with this command:
  du -k .
4. (optional) If you want to see the names of the log files:
5. Delete log files with
  rm *.log
6. End superuser session:
7. End terminal session:
Now all is well, got my free GBs back!

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