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Batch upload videos to Youtube from Synology DS

Like many people, I thought it would be great to backup my videos to my Synology DS, and then have the DS upload them to youtube. Infact, the documentation claims Photostation 6 can do this from withing the DSM.

Sadly it turns out that you can only send them one at a time to Youtube from Photostation.

My workaround has been:
Install Cloud Sync package on Synology.Set up my GDrive account in CloudSync to sync in one direction (upload from Synology only). On the DS, copy a batch of movies from their usual directory to the new sync directory for GDrive.Sit back and wait, as synology moves all those files to GDrive.The next day, go to Youtube, click upload.  Select, 'upload from Photos'.Here I find all the movies that synology moved to gdrive.Youtube still has to process them, but the batch upload is done, and the processing doesn't take too long.When processing is done, I remove the movies from the sync directory on DS, which seems to automatically delete them on GDrive through s…

How do backup a Windows 7 Machine to a Network attached Drive (WD - Microsoft Community

How do backup a Windows 7 Machine to a Network attached Drive (WD - Microsoft Community:
Mr Z in Alaska replied on August 8, 2012 In reply to ToddPowers's post on July 13, 2012

just found this handy solution on another forum trying to slove the same problem. It comes from a user named Tech Michael I realize this is an old post, but still a relevant topic.
Windows 7 Home Premium *CAN BE BACKED UP TO NETWORK* via the following work-around:
Disk Management > Create VHD (Virtual Hard Drive) on the NETWORK
Attach/Mount VHD (automatic upon creation) > Initial & Assign local drive letter
Backup to VHD saved on the network.
My VHD is set to automatically expand as needed which I realize will eventually overrun the network storage, but I can always manage backups manually.
Hope that helps!!! Michael

Fluid Physiology -Contents

Acid Base Physiology -Contents

Setting up Synology VPN Server on Diskstation 415+, with remote file system access

I am a total noob at this networking stuff.

Thanks to Synology Disk Station Management (DSM) GUI it seems fairly reasonable, despite the learning curve.

My goals are:

to create a VPN that I can access from abroad and use to browse the create a mapped network drive on a remote laptop that will save backups to the server at home. It all seems fairly straight forward.
DSM allows you to install 'packages', such as Proxy Server, VPN Server, Easy-Internet, etc...

The first thing I did was create a 'Quickconnect' Account. This allowed me to access the DSM remotely through a browser outside of my LAN.

I set up an L2TP/IPSec type VPN in VPN Server package, and after some fiddling with Android, was able to connect while on my WiFi. I figured I needed some DDNS service to log in remotely, but it didn't make sense to have to find a 3rd party service.

I then finally found this blog entry: Secure Public Internet with Synology VPN and Proxy - Travis Illig which describe…

LG G3 for CyanogenMod

I had to ask myself if I was a bit crazy to mess with a perfectly good, brand new (1 year old model) smartphone, shipped to me with Android 5.0 Lollipop...why mess around and install a custom ROM?

I have been using a Samsung Galaxy SII i9100 for a few years now, running CM (11-20140916-snapshot-M10-i9100 most recently). While this was a great phone, and still is infact! I have been 'forced' to upgrade to a device with 4G.

What's so great about CyanogenMod...Privacy. Not only do you get the latest Android releases, despite manufacturers not sending get Privacy Gaurd. This is the main reason that I choose to run CM over stock android.

I was able to root, get SU, and flash TWPG and CM in a few hours, including my stupid mistake...

I followed the following guides:

Which led me to download:…

How we used to sleep twice...