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Nougat 7.1.1 (crDroid) on my LG G3

I became a custom ROM fan with my Galaxy S2 and CyanogenMod years ago...and loved it so much that I consulted CM forums when it came time to upgrade to a new phone. I wanted to get a model that was well supported by the CM community, and settled on and LG G3. I had no trouble running CM 12.1 on it for a year or two...granted there were a few non-functioning features (wireless charging, NFC) but that didn't bother me immensely.

At some point I started getting an error message...'Unfortunately Photos has stopped working', or something to that effect. This error began after transfering a photo to the phone from a portable HD through USB OTG. That error, and a second bug that caused my camera to hang, and delay about 3 seconds between pressing the photo buttton and actually capturing the image, made me seek out a new ROM.

I watched a great vid from Max Lee at, found the crDroid distro for my D855, and combined it with Open GAPPS Pico package as suggested. As TWR…