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How to Remote View and Control Your Android Phone

I found this great article breaking down how to get my android phone onto my PC theory with the ability to control the phone with the mouse and keyboard.

I successfully downloaded and extracted the sdk manager, downloaded and got running the screencast javascript...but am working on getting mouse and keyboard control to work. (will try dalvik cache CHMOD this eve!)

How to Remote View and Control Your Android Phone

Car mode in android

I recently started having issues with 'car mode'. The phone will seemingly randomly switch to this mode, which shows a big clock floating on a black screen, and a little steering wheel in the notification bar. It makes all calls go to speaker phone, and activates 'talk back' services. After reading a number of forums I concluded that this error is caused by a faulty mini USB port in the phone. There is apparently some sort of short circuit that makes the phone think it is in a car dock. The solution which seems to have worked fairly well was to clean the USB port with a toothbrush, and compressed air. I also disassembled the phone to tighten the two screws holding the USB board in place.Thanks to this video, my backup plan is to order a replacement USB board for a few bucks, making sure to carefully match revision and batch numbers with my original.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos educates Senate of Canada about Bitcoin (Oct 8,...


2 year old, Zaya's choreography to Chandelier by Sia!

Resurrecting Galaxy s2 gt-i9100

Before yesterday, I was out playing Ingress, and my external battery wasn't working for some reason. My phone died... and when I got home, I plugged it in. When I tried to turn it back on (while charging) I entered a bootloop ('dead battery boot loop'). I tried some quick fixes pursued in various forums to no avail, and soon found myself in CWM recovery mode doing a factory reset.
It seems to have been a blessing in disguise...I managed to get CM11.2 working with gapps for android 4.4 kitkat. (Upgrade from my previous version CM10.2…android 4.2). Rescued my two factor authentication, and restored my (practically empty) btc wallet. I love the new privacy manager that allows fine grained control over every app's permissions! Don't want hangouts reading your SMS's?... that's possible now! Another great feature now available allowed you to trigger profile changes based on WiFi connectivity... So for example when you're home, you can disable the lock-screen…


Snowy owl carved in a dragon frui

Electron spin, anesthesia, and consciousness

2014 Update: How-to “kinda” view deleted Google calendar entries, and event create/update time stamps in Google Calendar. Justin Gale

2014 Update: How-to “kinda” view deleted Google calendar entries, and event create/update time stamps in Google Calendar. Justin Gale:

A Japanese Artist Launches Bonsai Into Space - Imgur



15 Sorting Algorithms in 6 Minutes

App to clear .log files for data/log/

This is a solution to a persistent problem on my SII (running CM10.1)...low storage space error.
This handy app replaces the procedure in terminal emulator for clearing log files when low storage space warning appears. This error is due to an accumulation of around 1Gb of log files called "dumpstate_ril_RESET_BY_CP_SILENTRESET" or something like that.
This app can be set to automatically clear the logs directory on boot, among other nice features!

Home made jidanbing (鸡蛋饼)

I had seen this dish on some cooking shows, and in a few youtube videos, so I was happy to find it being sold in the mornings on the street infront of the restaurants near my hotel...good, quick, fairly healthy breakfast for 3-5 RMB!

I found a few recipes online, and have been making it a couple times a week at my place since my return.

Mix in a small bowl:

Two eggsTwo spoonfulls of flour (medium soup spoons)A dash of Baking powderA drip of oilA drip of soy sauce

Then add to the egg mix:

1 chopped green onion
Grill the mix like a pancake, flipping once when the edges are

After a couple of minutes, the egg cake is done. Spread a small amount of HoiSin Sauce on one half.
Add the 'filling'. A few leaves of lettuce...maybe some beansprouts. It seems that the filling can vary a bit。
Roll up and enjoy burrito style

Yamaha's electric motorcycles... For 2016?

How I study Chinese

This post is to summarise how I have been conducting my self-study in Chinese language. It's been about 2 years of off and on...some months I am more regular, and some more lazy. It seems I have reached HSK 2 more or less.

Here is a list of what's worked for me the best:

Rosetta Stone - I started out with Rosetta stone, switching between the pinyin and the character modes...learning some basic vocab, and getting a feel for the rhythm of sentences, and learning to parse the sounds. This quickly became difficult after level 2. I realised that although I could select the right image, I was not clear on what the grammar of the sentence was exactly. I still use Rosetta Stone for a change of pace from the other methods.

Skritter - This was excellent, and I paid for 3 or 4 months. I accumulated a list of a thousand characters or so, and even after stopping my subscription, I am able to return to my Skritter account and practice writi…

Drowning in Problems

From the maker of minecraft...with a buddhist twist?

Drowning in Problems

Air China Rant

I was going to send this to AirChina, but that seems pointless now. A quick search of the web brings up hundreds (probably more like thousands) of complaints about service quality. I'll just add mine here.

To AirChina,

I am composing this to you onboard flight CA861 to Geneva, direct from Beijing. I am using a laptop computer, having just been informed by the flight attendant that cell phones (even in flight mode) cannot be used at any time during the flight. I am not sure if I am being singled out for some reason, as I have seen a number of passangers reading text on their cell phone screens throughout the flight. I listened to music during the flight to Beijing, and never had any complaints from the service staff.

The cabin staff chief assures me that I can use an ipad, a tablet computer, or a laptop… just not a cell phone (even in flight mode, which means all radios turned off). This is the first time that I have encountered this policy on any airline. It's like a rule fr…

1 million fps Slow Motion video of bullet impacts made by Werner Mehl fr...

RNA reactor could have served as a precursor of life

Going through my archive of 'Google Buzz' posts, and re-indexing them. Here is an interesting article on the chemical origins of life...

RNA reactor could have served as a precursor of life

Voyage the Voynich Manuscript

Voyage the Voynich Manuscript

Following the announcement of a possible translation of a word or two in the VM (14 characters I beleive it was), and seeing the AMA on reddit with Dr. Stephen Bax, I thought I'd post up this page offering full resolution images of all pages of the VM (above).

For good measure here is the video Dr. Bax posted to youtube to explain his 'revelation' ;)

I was also intrigued by the suggestion of another redditor who had apparently researched the life of Niccolo Di Conti, a successful venetian merchant who lived during the time of the VM's writing. He is said to have studied Arab language, traveled through the regions that seem to be documented in the VM, and upon his return, recounted his story to a scribe of the Vatican. Interesting tidbit seems to be that he may have met Zheng He, the famous Chinese explorer of the same time period! Could Di Conti or a family member have been the author of the VM?


Find camp sites in Switzerland

Pitbull Wallet - Onda Technology Institute

Electronic paper wallet for BTC...sweet project
Pitbull Wallet - Onda Technology Institute

Bacterial Balance Medicine...and the Human Microbiome Project

I was just thinking the other day about how we like to think of ourselves as humans, but we are infact mere living structures for colonies of microbes ;). Apartment complexes with central heating, and food delivery.


OK, there is some basic human structure dependent on DNA passed along from our ancestors, but there is also (by weight) an astonishing percentage of cell sized travelers on our skin, in our bellies, etc...I've read it can be 10% of body weight, and that in terms of cell numbers, there are actually 10x more bacteria than human cells. That means 90% of the cells you are walking around with all the time are not coding proteins from your DNA, but rather microbial proteins.

It is not easy to count all these organisms I imagine, so who knows how much is enough/too little/too much. At the same time, if for one reason or another one of the bacterial groups gains an upperhand, then we end up with systemic problems...

This seems to happen following a course of antib…

Incredibox V3 - "Sunrise" - 2013 (Brand new version)

Kurt Vonnegut on the Shapes of Stories

Youtube...or G+ Video sharing?

Dear Youtube,

I know you want me to use my 'real name', but I don't want to link all my accounts together. I already have multiple G+ accounts, I don't want to create yet another for my youtube account. Inspite of your stupid metrics, profitablity, and internet takeover it not possible to allow a youtube user with a youtube account to comment on a youtube video?.

Thanks for your consideration, you lug.
You know who

Diary: Chinese session 1

Diary: Chinese session 1: Chinese words and associations The difference between ”kou3”(r30) & ”wei2”(r31) isn’t much visually except that one is bigger than...

Andreas M. Antonopoulos - L.A. Bitcoin Meetup - January 9, 2014

AIRTAME - Wireless HDMI for Everyone.

Wall Street Crypto: Crypto-Forex 101

Wall Street Crypto: Crypto-Forex 101: Crypto-Forex 101: A Magic School Bus Ride By the @CryptoForex Team For those of you just getting into crypto-forex,  you've come...

Samsung Galaxy SII with Cyanogenmod: 'Storage Space Low'

On my Galaxy SII I've been getting warnings about 'storage space low'. After trying to work through cleaning up apps, removing photos and movies, I wasn't making much headway. In system settings 'storage' there appears to be a large part of the internal memory free...but it is not recognised as free.  I am using Cyanogenmod, and found a forum post about a log file accumulation that eats memory in this way.

I followed these instructions with Terminal Emulator:
1. Get superuser access:
  su -
(and allow access when prompted).
2. Change current directory: (I had to search for the directory...which turned out to be something like /data/logs)
  cd /var/log
3. (optional) You can see how much space (in KB) is being used by log files with this command:
  du -k .
4. (optional) If you want to see the names of the log files:
5. Delete log files with
  rm *.log
6. End superuser session:
7. End terminal session:
  exit Now all is well, got my free GBs back!

HSK level 1 - Introductory Mandarin (with audio) - Memrise

Guide to the timelines in the movie Primer

Have you seen this excellent film? Had some questions about who was who and when who was who doing what? Here's a visualisation to help: Full Size Original

Jeremy Rifkin: The Empathic Civilization / Ross Institute Summer Academy...

In this amazing lecture J. Rifkin walks us through the development of human civilisation, from small tribes thousands of years ago, to the modern world...and along the way he points out technological and corresponding psychological transformations of society. The rub is that we are in a dire situation, due to global economic social structure, that threatens the survival of man imminently.

Is is too late to change? Are we just trying to adapt and react now? Can we preserve a few human lives on this planet if the ecosystem we depend on collapses?

Radiation Dose Chart


True facts about Ocean Radiation and the Fukushima Disaster | Deep Sea News

Three-Dimensional Mid-Air Acoustic Manipulation [Acoustic Levitation] (...