Nougat 7.1.1 (crDroid) on my LG G3

I became a custom ROM fan with my Galaxy S2 and CyanogenMod years ago...and loved it so much that I consulted CM forums when it came time to upgrade to a new phone. I wanted to get a model that was well supported by the CM community, and settled on and LG G3. I had no trouble running CM 12.1 on it for a year or two...granted there were a few non-functioning features (wireless charging, NFC) but that didn't bother me immensely.

At some point I started getting an error message...'Unfortunately Photos has stopped working', or something to that effect. This error began after transfering a photo to the phone from a portable HD through USB OTG. That error, and a second bug that caused my camera to hang, and delay about 3 seconds between pressing the photo buttton and actually capturing the image, made me seek out a new ROM.

I watched a great vid from Max Lee at, found the crDroid distro for my D855, and combined it with Open GAPPS Pico package as suggested. As TWR…

Output PC audio to speakers and Bluetooth device

I was searching for a solution to play music in a second room, through a Bluetooth speaker that is connected to my PC...but I wanted to maintain playback through the speaker system directly connected to the PC.

 A quick google search brought up a forum that suggested this (donation based) software, VB-Audio VoiceMeter.

VB-Audio VoiceMeeter

Don't forget to adjust the delay if you need to sync up the two outputs (menu>settings)Don't forget to change windows default audio device to the VB Audio Voicemeter.   Exactly what I was looking for!

Student Yo bravely stands up for his classmate


Solar Panel Suppliers Nepal - Hydropower Companies Nepal - NepalB2B

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Solar Panel Suppliers Nepal - Hydropower Companies Nepal - NepalB2B

windows 7 - Why can't Win7 remember my tether? New Connection Setup every time - Super User

Using my android phone tethered to my laptop for internet, I wanted to prevent Windows from incrementely increasing the network connection's name everytime I recconect the phone.

Originally posted at the link posted at the end of this blog post.

Open Network & Sharing CenterChange adapter settingsRight click (on your tethered "Remote NDIS based Internet Sharing Device", in my case its "LAN-Huawei-USB")StatusDetailsCopy the IPv4 Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway & DNS Servers (in my case it's- ipv4:, subnet:, gateway:, dns servers: & Right click (on your tethered "Remote NDIS based Internet Sharing Device", in my case its "LAN-Huawei-USB")PropertiesHighlight "Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)PropertiesUse the following IP address:enter what you copied earlier from STATUS hereOKclose all windows

Now your computer will stop creating Networks, mi…

Batch upload videos to Youtube from Synology DS

Like many people, I thought it would be great to backup my videos to my Synology DS, and then have the DS upload them to youtube. Infact, the documentation claims Photostation 6 can do this from withing the DSM.

Sadly it turns out that you can only send them one at a time to Youtube from Photostation.

My workaround has been:
Install Cloud Sync package on Synology.Set up my GDrive account in CloudSync to sync in one direction (upload from Synology only). On the DS, copy a batch of movies from their usual directory to the new sync directory for GDrive.Sit back and wait, as synology moves all those files to GDrive.The next day, go to Youtube, click upload.  Select, 'upload from Photos'.Here I find all the movies that synology moved to gdrive.Youtube still has to process them, but the batch upload is done, and the processing doesn't take too long.When processing is done, I remove the movies from the sync directory on DS, which seems to automatically delete them on GDrive through s…

How do backup a Windows 7 Machine to a Network attached Drive (WD - Microsoft Community

How do backup a Windows 7 Machine to a Network attached Drive (WD - Microsoft Community:
Mr Z in Alaska replied on August 8, 2012 In reply to ToddPowers's post on July 13, 2012

just found this handy solution on another forum trying to slove the same problem. It comes from a user named Tech Michael I realize this is an old post, but still a relevant topic.
Windows 7 Home Premium *CAN BE BACKED UP TO NETWORK* via the following work-around:
Disk Management > Create VHD (Virtual Hard Drive) on the NETWORK
Attach/Mount VHD (automatic upon creation) > Initial & Assign local drive letter
Backup to VHD saved on the network.
My VHD is set to automatically expand as needed which I realize will eventually overrun the network storage, but I can always manage backups manually.
Hope that helps!!! Michael

Fluid Physiology -Contents

Acid Base Physiology -Contents