Voyage the Voynich Manuscript

Voyage the Voynich Manuscript

Following the announcement of a possible translation of a word or two in the VM (14 characters I beleive it was), and seeing the AMA on reddit with Dr. Stephen Bax, I thought I'd post up this page offering full resolution images of all pages of the VM (above).

For good measure here is the video Dr. Bax posted to youtube to explain his 'revelation' ;)

I was also intrigued by the suggestion of another redditor who had apparently researched the life of Niccolo Di Conti, a successful venetian merchant who lived during the time of the VM's writing. He is said to have studied Arab language, traveled through the regions that seem to be documented in the VM, and upon his return, recounted his story to a scribe of the Vatican. Interesting tidbit seems to be that he may have met Zheng He, the famous Chinese explorer of the same time period! Could Di Conti or a family member have been the author of the VM?

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