Resurrecting Galaxy s2 gt-i9100

Before yesterday, I was out playing Ingress, and my external battery wasn't working for some reason. My phone died... and when I got home, I plugged it in. When I tried to turn it back on (while charging) I entered a bootloop ('dead battery boot loop').
I tried some quick fixes pursued in various forums to no avail, and soon found myself in CWM recovery mode doing a factory reset.

It seems to have been a blessing in disguise...I managed to get CM11.2 working with gapps for android 4.4 kitkat. (Upgrade from my previous version CM10.2…android 4.2).
Rescued my two factor authentication, and restored my (practically empty) btc wallet.
I love the new privacy manager that allows fine grained control over every app's permissions! Don't want hangouts reading your SMS's?... that's possible now!
Another great feature now available allowed you to trigger profile changes based on WiFi connectivity... So for example when you're home, you can disable the lock-screen automatically through the 'home' profile settings.
This just shows how, if your data is distributed, backed up... Even when unexpected tragedies occur, all is not lost!
My phone is back, and better than ever. Took me half a day all things considered.

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