Nougat 7.1.1 (crDroid) on my LG G3

I became a custom ROM fan with my Galaxy S2 and CyanogenMod years ago...and loved it so much that I consulted CM forums when it came time to upgrade to a new phone. I wanted to get a model that was well supported by the CM community, and settled on and LG G3. I had no trouble running CM 12.1 on it for a year or two...granted there were a few non-functioning features (wireless charging, NFC) but that didn't bother me immensely.

At some point I started getting an error message...'Unfortunately Photos has stopped working', or something to that effect. This error began after transfering a photo to the phone from a portable HD through USB OTG. That error, and a second bug that caused my camera to hang, and delay about 3 seconds between pressing the photo buttton and actually capturing the image, made me seek out a new ROM.

I watched a great vid from Max Lee at, found the crDroid distro for my D855, and combined it with Open GAPPS Pico package as suggested. As TWRP and Titanium BU Pro are both already on my G3, the upgrade was quick and painless.

Restore using Titanium BU after updating to a new ROM

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